How to Protect Your Dog in Summer

Summer time means plenty of walks and trips to the park. But for your dog, summer also brings a host of potential hazards. In addition to the heat and humidity, you’ll need to protect your dog from parasites and environmental hazards. By ensuring your dog is safe, you and your furry friend will be able to enjoy all the outdoor time that summer has to offer.

Method1 Beating the Heat and Humidity

  1. 1 Keep your dog hydrated. Dogs need constant access to clean, fresh drinking water. In hot weather, cold water can help keep your dog even cooler. Add equal parts ice and clean, fresh water to help keep your dog cool and hydrated throughout the entire day.
    • If you’re keeping your dog outside, make sure the bowl is in the shade. This will help keep the ice from melting too fast and keep the water cooler for longer.
    • Check your dog’s bowl regularly to make sure your pet still has water.

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