The Facts About Heartworm diseases For Dogs

One of the common diseases experienced by your beloved pets is called “heartworm.” It is a parasitic infection that is caused by a specific type of worm called “cercaranopus.” The Facts about Heartworm Disease for Dogs reveals some information regarding how heartworms in dogs can affect your pet. The Facts about Heartworm Disease for Dogs shows that heartworms are transmittable to humans and can be acquired through contaminated food and water sources.

A specific group of people are most at risk of contracting heartworm disease, namely dogs that live in homes with poor sanitation. There is more than one kind of heartworm disease. Your pet’s symptoms may depend on which type of heartworm is infecting him/her. An example of these types of heartworm diseases is “doxycycline.” This drug can be used to treat “plague.” It is best to confirm whether your dog has a particular heartworm disease by ordering your veterinarian examination. Your vet will do a blood test and examine your dog’s heart and blood vessels using ultrasound.

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