Top 10 Signs Your Dog Is Happy With You!

Wanna see is your dog happy or sad? Owners all over the world want to know an answer to this question and I have good news for you.

There are specific signs that show your dog is happy.

Okay, now let’s see top 10 signs your dog is happy with you:

Sign number 10 Dog Laughs Often.
Although scientists believe that dogs learned to laugh by watching people, dogs associate this emotion with good things because people laugh when they feel good, right?
So if the dog laughs often it is happy. If the dog is happy with you it will laugh and look in your direction. The real proof of a dog’s happiness with you as the owner is even if you don’t pay attention
to your pet, it will laugh and look at you.

Also, take care of your emotions because a dog is your loyal friend who sees your emotions and sometimes laughs to cheer you up if you are unhappy. So does your dog laugh often in your direction?

Sign number 9 Everything You Do Is Exciting.
Is you dog very excited by following you to get some staff in a kitchen?
So no matter what the activity you are in too, if your dog is happy with you then it will follow you with great enthusiasm. Although dogs love spending time playing dog games if you are a good pack leader they will
be happy with just being near you. If you make your dog feel safe and satisfied it will always follow you enthusiastically.


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